(3D+2D) 情侶性愛指南 The Lovers Guide 藍光BD-25G


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100 件庫存

片名:(3D+2D) 情侶性愛指南 The Lovers Guide 藍光BD-25G






Twenty years after the original The Lovers’ Guide exploded into the lives of the UK public, the ground-breaking guide is back with anot her no-holds-barred exploration of the pleasures of love-making. www. aiyoutv.com   To mark the anniversary of the series that has brought adult sex advice firmly into the mainstream, the latest instalment has been created using cutting edge 3D technology as the next stop in the sexual revolution. Here the audience is engaged with a never-before-seen sense of intimacy and massively richer viewpoint. www. chaoji365.com   After selling 1.5 million copies and being distributed in 22 countries and in 13 languages over its colourful 20-year history, The Lovers’ Guide 3D – Igniting Desire will debut in UK cinemas in January 2011 and be available to purchase on DVD and Blu-ray on February 7, 2011 in time for Valentine’s Day gifting. www 5233tv.com   Now bigger, better and bolder than ever before, The Lovers’ Guide 3D